Companies of any size can meet the eligibility criteriaAre you one of them?

Have you developed a new product or process? Have you improved or added features to an existing one or built a prototype?

Over the past decade we’ve worked with many companies in many different industries that did not think they qualified for SR&ED credits. Yet, after completing our assessment, we were not only able to identify projects that were eligible. We were also able to document other legitimate activities that hadn’t been recognized previously, resulting in clients getting more back than they had ever imagined.

To qualify under the SR&ED program, an organization must demonstrate that their activities meet 3 essential criteria, known to us as the “3 legs of the stool”. The diagram below is an overview of those eligibility criteria segments.

1. Technological Uncertainty:

Whether a given result or objective can be achieved, or how to achieve it, is unknown or cannot be determined based on generally available scientific or technological knowledge or experience.

2. Technical Content:

There must be evidence that qualified personnel with relevant experience in science, technology or engineering have conducted a systematic investigation through experiment or analysis.

3. Technological Advancement:

Gain in knowledge. The work must generate information that advances understanding of scientific relations or technologies.