Funding For Food Processors

Food Processors, from bakeries to meat processors to breweries and beyond, have a number of grant funding opportunities available to them including:

  • Environment and Climate Change Adaptation – Environmental Management & Testing

  • Animal and Plant Health – Drainage, Runoff, Handling and more

  • Assurance Systems – Traceability, Animal Welfare, and Food Safety

  • Market Development – New Markets and New Products

  • Capital Equipment Improvement – Innovative Equipment and ERP Systems

  • New Facility Projects and More!

Growing Forward 2

$100,000 for Capital Equipment, Market Development, & more

This program supports food processors by offerings up to $100,000 to support improvement projects that increase a company’s profitability, productivity, and food safety. Projects can include capital purchases, market development, food safety, animal handling, and environment work.

Hiring Programs

$20,000 to Hire Recent Graduates

Companies can access up to $20,000 to subsidize the cost of a new employee’s salary. The grant allows companies to hire recent graduates from Canadian universities. Take advantage of this program to grow your business and bring on staff with new and innovative ideas.

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$50,000 to Attend Trade Shows

Supports up to $50,000 for food processors to attend trade shows outside of Canada and the US to promote their products. Cost can include trade shows, market development, and related exhibition fees.

Canada Job Grant

66% of Training Costs

This program provides 66% of the cost to train employees through a third party trainer. Companies can send their staff to complete training opportunities such as leadership, technical, or operational education.