Maximize Your Cash Flow Through Cost Recovery

Payment errors exist in every organization as a result of accumulated inaccuracies and oversights within transactional systems. Most companies ‘leak’ 0.2% or more of their total spend for $21 billion leaked annually in North America alone. Even where best-in-class and robust systems have been put in place ‘leakage’ often occurs which can add up and represent a significant amount of pure lost profit.

We help companies find and recover these costs.

Disbursements through accounts payable procedures represent among the largest pieces of working capital within an organization and as a result can also represent a significant occurrence of losses.

Scenarios That Can Create Leakage of Costs

  • Multiple payment systems

  • Staff turnover and use of temporary workers

  • ERP changes, updates or consolidation

  • Following mergers or acquisitions 

  • Inclusive issues related to purchasing and payment processes

  • Managing high volumes of transactions

  • High business velocity and daily pressures on departments and staff

  • Systems and human errors

  • High Vendor billing and statement inaccuracies

  • Non-standardized and/or manual processes

Our Process

We help our clients put the final lessons learned into context and take action to ensure the costs are captured during ongoing and upcoming business operations.

Measuring the impact of the errors against your “whole business”

Strengthen your internal resources and processes

Systems changes based on real examples that support your business methods

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