With over 10,000 successful projects approved by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), a success rate of over 98%, and more than 1500 different businesses served over the past decade, BIG has the knowledge, depth and experience to provide expert guidance on how the SR&ED program requirements apply to organizations in all sectors.

Our Process

From our free eligibility assessment to the drafting of technical reports, from preparing and submitting the claim to ongoing consultation and support –

We’ll do it all

Our experience working with other businesses in your specific industry not only helps ensure that all legitimate claims are captured, described properly and maximized, our industry-specific experience also helps ensures compliance, which streamlines the CRA review and approval process and translates into timelier refunds.

SR&ED Eligibility Checklist

If you can say “yes” to one of the following, you may have SR&ED!

  • Have you conducted in-house R&D

  • Have you built/designed new products?

  • Have you changed a process in your system?

  • Have you modified or improved an existing product?

  • Have you incurred expenses from a failed process/project/prototype due to unresolved issues?

  • Have you encountered problems refurbishing/rebuilding older machinery?

  • Have you designed/developed new software?

  • Have you built any custom pieces of machinery?

  • Have you built a prototype?

  • Have you been involved in engineering, design, data collection, testing or developmental work?

  • Have you filed patents or will you in the near future?

  • Have you worked with new materials or combinations?

The BIG Method

Free On-Site Assessment

Assignment of a dedicated Project Manager who will work with you

Comprehensive Analysis and Review

Assistance in understanding SR&ED eligibility and retrieval of all supporting documents

Preparation of Technical Report

Stringent writing and editing by our staff with full input from you

Submission of Final Documents

Support in understanding CRA correspondence related to SR&ED claims

 Ongoing Assistance with Claims

Support to prepare for future files to ensure all eligible activities are identified and supported

Eligible for SR&ED?

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