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At BIG, we take a team-based, collaborative approach to working with our clients to ensure that they are gaining the maximum benefits from the SR&ED program. By handling all aspects of the process for them, from initial assessment through to preparing the actual claim, our clients are able to focus on running their business and growing their company, while we work diligently in the background to achieve the best possible results for them.

[quote]GeoSpectrum has now used BIG for the past four years and intend to keep using them. That we intend to keep using BIG says it all, but here are the reasons why.

BIG is professional, friendly and genuinely helpful. All questions are answered promptly and knowledgably.

BIG reduces our workload. Jim Craig arrives a month before year end to discuss what we have done in the current year and what we plan to do in the following year. Jim then writes the project reports which we review. Further on workload reduction, BIG prepares the SR&ED return and works closely with our accountant.

BIG makes our claim more likely to be processed without an audit. BIG knows what documentary support is required for a claim and helps us organize our work so we produce all necessary documents. BIG requires that we submit our documents to them before they will file the claim. This, I believe, strengthens their reputation with CRA, and makes audits less likely.

BIG maximizes our claim by finding all legitimate ways of bringing our work under the SR&ED umbrella. Without BIG’s advice, some of our work would have gone unclaimed because of our uncertainty.

In summary, I believe that our fee to BIG is more than recovered by increased claim size and smaller accountant’s fees. Also, our stress level is reduced because we know that our claim is within the SR&ED bounds and will be supported by BIG if there ever is an audit. I recommend BIG without reservation.”

Dr. Bruce Armstrong, President, Geospectrum Technologies Inc.[/quote]

[quote]Business Improvement Group did a great job of assisting us with our SR&ED submission.  They were well researched and made the process painless.  Their technical staff came in and were quickly able to understand our business.  This took a lot less time than expected and enabled me to carry on with my regular business uninterrupted.  Their knowledgeable staff and focused efforts made the SR&ED submission possible.”

Dr. Suzanne Caudry, Dr. Suzanne Caudry Dentistry Professional.[/quote]

[quote]Over the last three years, Chudleigh’s Ltd. has engaged the services of Business Improvement Group to prepare our technical and financial SR&ED returns.

I must say, the level of professionalism from the BIG group is outstanding. From day one, BIG took the time to fully understand our business and recommend opportunities that may have gone unclaimed. BIG is able to work directly with our project managers throughout the year and plan in advance in order to minimize year end disruptions. Also, their ability to work with our auditing firm makes the process seamless and is a direct reflection of their teamwork approach. I can always count on BIG to meet our tight deadlines and our requirements for impeccable work.

Finally, I believe trust is a big factor in working with a firm, and providing a recommendation for the Business Improvement Group is proof that they have earned my trust.”

Robert Bona, CFO, Chudleighs[/quote]

[quote]We are very impressed with the way BIG managed our filing process so that it took minimal time and we were able to continue to run our business.”

Jamie Cuthbert, President, Saltech International Inc.[/quote]

[quote]Miller Environmental Corporation (Miller) was introduced to the Business Improvement Group (BIG) in early 2010. Since that time BIG has made SR&ED claims on Miller’s behalf for our last 4 fiscal years. Although we have not yet received confirmation regarding the fiscal 2012 claim the previous 3 fiscal years have been in my estimation perfect in every way and fully supported by the Federal/ Provincial process.

The process has been this seamless as a direct result of the professionalism, technical competency and collaborative approach of your team and in particular I would like to recognize through you the efforts of Jim Craig, Ron Vanderwees, Sheila Klooster and most recently Meghan Bateman. This group of individuals are not simply BIG employees but approach their tasks as true partners with Miller. This approach is not merely commendable but also a clear reflection of your Company’s approach and culture.

It has been and I believe will continue to be a strategy that will sustain our mutually beneficial relationship. I have and will continue to profess to others your organizations positive approach and knowledge of the SR&ED process. There is no doubt that your reputation in this business is valued and well respected by the government institutions that review your submissions.”

Vaughn Bullough, Vice Presient and General Manager, Miller Environmental Corporation[/quote]

[quote]In our vegetable production businesses my family and I engage many providers of a vast array of services.  Seldom do we witness the dedication and quality of work that has been exhibited by those in your firm as they assisted us in securing the SR&ED benefits related to our experimental development work.

You are aware that we thought a couple of years ago that we would hire a staff member to prepare our SR&ED claims and help with our financial affairs, in part to avoid the contingency fees we had been paying to your firm.  We quickly came to the realization that there was a great deal of expertise that we were better off hiring from BIG.  It was a sound decision on our part to focus on our expertise, the production and marketing of vegetables and to call on BIG to handle our SR&ED needs.

I want to especially recognize your staff for their efforts.  Over the past four years Aaron Beatty has been a treat to work with.  He knows his part of the SR&ED claim process inside and out.  The technical reports he has put together for us very accurately reflect our efforts in a manner that has been accepted by CRA.   And the various staff in your offices are great on the financial side of the claims, while respecting the demands on our time.

We look forward to working with BIG on our SR&ED claims for many years to come.”

Bill Nightingale Sr., Nightingale Farms Limited and B&C Nightingale Farms Limited[/quote]

[quote]I never seemed to qualify for tax credits, let alone research tax credits… But if not for (BIG’s) efforts, my business would not have made any profit last year… This is a no-brainer!!”

Ben Mair, CEO, OneSource Metal[/quote]

[quote]SR&ED allowed us to focus work toward formalizing our clinical findings into acceptable research and statistical presentations on the effect of our unique and specific approach to many medical conditions and physical challenges. None of this would have been possible without SR&ED and BIG. They have helped me take my research further so I can in turn help more people. BIG made it easy.

BIG has allowed me to do the things I wanted to do; provided a means for me to prove my theories through studies and the process was painless. BIG came in and took care of everything. Every detail was covered, and even though we did get audited, all the information was readily available to have the issue resolved. And that is what I like about BIG. Most companies are reactive but BIG is proactive. I would encourage anyone to work with them no matter the size. This program will help people do what they love.

I couldn’t have helped as many people as I have without the work that BIG has done for me. Their impact on the general public is greater than expected.”

Terry Moore, President, MMTR Health Inc.[/quote]